Black Man’s Forty Acres To Be Used as Costco Parking Lot

August 14, 2011

Charleston, SC — A forty acre plot of land in the suburbs of Charleston that was promised to John Williams, a slave freed by the  Union Army in 1865,  will be used instead as a parking lot for the 428th Costco Store to be built in the United States.

Williams, a slave for most of his life until his emancipation by northern troops, joined the Union army after being promised under the Special Field Order, No. 15 of General Sherman that he would be awarded forty acres and a mule for his service.

The United States decided shortly after the war ended that it would be better if they didn’t give any black soldiers any land at all.


Williams’ great-great-grandson Tyler (pictured to the left) will not be able to enjoy the land that should have been passed down by his great-great-grandfather but said he hopes to get a job working for the store when it opens January of next year.

Costco spokesman Dan Harmen said that  the parking lot will feature up to 1500 spaces including 100 handicapped spots, ample room for larger vehicles and even a 20 minutes or less parking area for those on the go.


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  1. Gallactor on August 15th, 2011 9:02 am

    Isn’t that Tyler the Destroyer?

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