Still in Corfu

September 21, 2007

Still in Corfu. I need to get out of here. It’s parasitical, not unlike Vegas, and the more I stay here the more it becomes a part of me. I don’t even know how to interact in regular society anymore. I went to get a coffee this morning and when the lady asked if I wanted cream I screamed oh yeah inappropriately close to her face then proceeded to get casual with her leg. I don’t know what language that was but it sounded angry. I can’t help it,  I have been swimming in a sea of sexual innuendos and inappropriate behavior for the last week and it has started to seep in.

In Athens. Staying at a HOtel if you know what I mean. Tell me if you do cause I don’t. Greek’s are like eyetalians in that you have no idea if they are arguing or agreeing. There was an old lady in front of me at the concierge and apparently she was  upset. By upset I mean she was trying to whack everyone in sight with her old ass Greeky cane. I always knew I could take down an old woman but I had no Idea she would collapse quicker than the twin towers. Oh you are fucking edgy Nate. Yes, yes I am.


September 15, 2007

In Corfu. Finally. Missed a train in the middle of the middle of nowhere. Had to stay at some shitel. The owner spoke very little English and his eyes lit up when he saw my passport. He informed me that all Americans are very rich. Feeling safe in my assumption that he would not understand me I might have implied that if that was true there is no way I would be staying in his establishment or shit hole I can’t remember.Apparently they have awkward silences over here as well.

Now I am at The Pink Palace. I can’t decide if that name is dirty in a straight way or gay in a gay one. By the time I am through with this place it will be the latter. Either way it’s basically Daves’s wet frat dream. Booze cruises and bitches, toga parties and anti-semitism. One of those isn’t happening, I was just naming some things that dave loves. Anyway I’m off now. Don’t know much, but I know I love you. I made that up.