Disorderly Conduct Was the Case that They Gave Me

October 28, 2007

For the second time in the night a stranger´s hands are having their way with my body. I would like to say that was a good thing. Quite the opposite. The first was a Barcelona toot who pursued her potential john´s with the enthusiasm that only a used car salesman with a gambling problem could match. After her felonious gropes up in my business she swiped the beer from my hand and quickly departed. Silly whore, have you no morals?

As much as I don´t like grimy street walker hands caressing my man package the second set was much less welcome but never-less a pro. That´s because these fingers happened to belong to Barcelona´s finest. I get the feeling that this cop would not be hurt if he knew that he was getting sloppy seconds.

Why am I being felt up by a cop? I say racial profiling. The cop stays disorderly conduct. Apparently attempting to climb a 12 foot statue of a cat falls under his definition. The frisking soon turns into a rapid fire interrogation in Spanish. I plead American ignorance but it doesn´t seem to be working and now the interrogation has turned into a slap fest, first my face, then my buddy Lars who was guilty by association. Off course I don´t think there´s a cop in the world who is a fan of video tape and appeartly Lars had not learned this lesson, the Spanish Po were more than eager to give him a crash course.

I am trying to remember if Spanish jail was one of the must see´s for Barcelona in my guidebook. I don´t think so. I have never been more homesick. I even start to long for the bars and cells of Boulder County. But after a couple more slaps we are set on our way. Elation would be a poor way of describing this feeling.

So that is Barcelona. My Barcelona at least and since my last post I have been in Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Paris. I am not going to bore you with the nouns, verbs, and undoubtedly sensational amount of exclamation points all you need to know is that I keeps it real and that´s a Men´s Warehouse guarantee.

I am not saying that my travels have not changed me. They have. But I stay true toos me roots.

Builtbybandits– what’s up with the Rocks rules.

The B Unit has been holding down the house.

DL-Frats still rule.

Caseytron-where you at?

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