You have to be out by Monday.

March 12, 2008


The Setup: Read before you listen.
In this week’s edition of the of the Word’s Smartest Man’s spoof calls, we give Travis a ring as his landlady. You have to keep in mind that Travis doesn’t speak with his landlady all that often, and his caller ID is showing her number. When you do spoof calls, people believe every word you say because of the caller ID. You can get away tons of shit you that wouldn’t pass in your average prank call, such as laughing and sounding like some fucked up sheman. Back to the setup – it is also important to note that Travis is not at home in California; he is in Colorado for a long weekend (the call is placed on a Friday). Travis’ reaction is quiet, but it’s priceless if you turn down the volume and wait for it.

P.S. The World’s Smartest Man would kill for one of these cell phones today. It would have to work though. That would be fucking awesome.


Tell That to My Sore Vagina.

January 4, 2008



WSM got wind of this great site,, where you can call anybody you’d like and spoof the caller id (make it any number you choose), as well as disguise your voice. The possibilities are endless. We have a shitload of these calls, and will be putting them on the site from time to time for your hearing enjoyment. In this call WSM calls Jonah as a woman, from his good friend’s (Kellin) number, and lets him know that Kellin left his phone in “her” car. Listen for the rest. By the way, we cut it off at the end (to avoid using last names) when WSM is telling him it’s not real. It sucks anyways. Be patient – it’s worth the wait (according to me).