WSM Poll: Who does Obama think he is?

February 15, 2011

Even though it is still early in his term, President Obama is already the most uppity president in US history. So just who does the President think he is?


  • Yes, he does think he is better than me and my family.
  • He can have my gun when he takes it from my cold dead hands.
  • I need to put food on my family’s table. Is Obama going to put food on my family’s table? Stay out of my kitchen Obama.

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WSM Poll: Was Jesus a Good Carpenter?

November 9, 2010


jesus-the-carpenter.jpgIt’s well established that Jesus had a day job as a carpenter prior to his fame but was he any good?


  • Yes, Jesus was one of the best carpenters of all time.
  • No, Jesus was too busy spreading the gospel to focus on carpentry.
  • He was good but he purposely played it down so that he did not steal away business from the other carpenters.


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