Cutest Little Black Kid Ever Missing.

July 21, 2011

tampa.jpgOrlando, FL- Police are looking for 3 year old David Williams who went missing from him home last Sunday around 3 P.M. and are asking civilians to be on the lookout for a small boy in a blue shirt and red pants, around the age of three who is just the cutest little black kid you will ever see.

Williams parents say that their child was playing on the front yard the last time they saw him on Sunday.

David or “Davie” as he goes by is so loveable and gregarious it comes as no surprise to  many who knew him that he would be a target for abduction.

“I had thought of stuffing him in my pocket and taking him home to the family a few times myself,” said Shelly Siefert a next door neighbor “Of course I am kidding but have you seen pictures of him when he is in overalls? Or a video of his dance routine he does? Seriously who wouldn’t want to abduct that darling muffin! On a serious note though it is awful whatever happened to little wittle bittle Davie Wavy.”

Davie Wavy is gone for good but not forgotten, neighbors and friends of the family agree that they will miss his incredibly appealing looks and delectable mannerisms.


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  1. Johny on July 22nd, 2011 4:00 pm

    Good to have you back, WSM.

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