I guarantee I could skip a rock across this lake if my arm wasn’t so sore.

November 13, 2011

stopbully.jpg┬áSee that lake over there? I could so easily skip this rock across it in like five seconds if my arm didn’t hurt so bad from push-ups. I do like fifty a day. That’s why my arms are so big. Well a large part of the reason my arms are so big is genetics. My dad has huge arms and shit. But it certainly helps that I do like five hundred push ups a week.

I skipped this lake one time and swear to god the rock skipped 39 times. It just kept skipping. This guy was there and said that he has never seen a rock skip that many times before. I was like oh yeah? I have because I have skipped way more than that before.

This one time, I think one of my cousins was in Iraq or some shit and got shot. The doctor on the scene said he had never seen anyone recover that quickly from a bullet wound. He said something about how our family are all O positive blood types or some shit so we can recover from gunshot wounds like 3 times faster than you can.

That’s why I am not really that scared of being shot. Never have been. This one time I think I was in downtown LA or something and this gangster came right up to me and said some shit like “Yo, you frontin dog?”. He said it directly to my face. I was like “I ain’t even from here dog so back off!”. He looked so scared. I think he probably had a gun too.

Dude, I gotta go. My aunt is in town and she is making dinner tonight. She makes the bombest pasta. She was in Vegas once and she met Emeril from that show or some shit and he told her even he could not make pasta as good as she could. Swear to god dude. The funny thing is it is not even that hard to make. I made it one time and even she said mine was better than hers cause I used pepper or some shit. But I still let her cook it even though mine is better cause it makes her feel useful and shit.


One Response to “I guarantee I could skip a rock across this lake if my arm wasn’t so sore.”

  1. Ethan on November 15th, 2011 1:24 am

    I remember that guy. And I still don’t like him.

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