Sea Turtle Charity To Address Least Important Problem in the World

August 16, 2011

green-sea-turtle_1024×768_2839.jpgMonterey Bay, CA– Despite the existence of ubiquitous poverty, a global clean water epidemic, or even falling literacy rates in the Philippines among millions of other problems that desperately need to be addressed, Jim and Susan Smeale of Monterey, California have started a charity with the goal of moving a group of sea turtles to a more remote location off the coast of northern California so that they can be more isolated from humankind.

“These majestic creatures need our help. Human intrusion into their habitat has deprived them of enough space to move about every day. This injustice must end” Said Susan Smeale with a straight face.

Even though the Smeales are both well educated and were fully equipped with the knowledge that millions in Africa continue to starve they went ahead and set up this charity earlier in the year and are asking people who live in a world where children are sold as sex slaves to donate their money to move some turtles farther down the coastline.

“These turtles need a place where they can frolic and be themselves with out being intruded upon by mankind” Jim Smeagle said from a top his high horse,” If we raise two million dollars we can make these turtles’ dreams a reality.”

If the Smeales succeed in their goal they will have solved an issue that has been plaguing several dozen sea turtles in northern Monterey for the past three and a half years.


One Response to “Sea Turtle Charity To Address Least Important Problem in the World”

  1. Ethan on August 29th, 2011 2:56 pm

    Messed up. All of of God’s creature deserve to be helped in this cruel world.

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